Hepzibah means my delight is in her. It is a Biblical Hebrew name for girls.

Mrs. Hepzibah Jeyaraj, born on 14-1-1950 in Vjayaachambadu, Tirunelveli district, was a primary school teacher-teaching children with zeal and Christian love. She dedicated her life in the teaching profession and loved the children through the love of Jesus Christ, who changed her life to serve the community. At the age of 56 she entered into eternity on 8th March 2006. When she was laid in rest in the cemetry, Dr. V. Jeyaraj, husband of Mrs. Hepzibah, had a vision that a Trust should be formed in her name, which he shared with his son, Abraham Durairaj, who was by his side. He prayed over this for three long years and finally on her third anniversary, the Hepzibah Trust was dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.